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  • valleyofbeechtrees


    visual, conceptual and literary reflections on life metaphors, spirituality and everyday things

  • Daddevotional.org


    A slightly above average blind squirrel who occasionally finds an acorn.

  • Wendy S. Lea

    Wendy S. Lea

    Girl with deep southern roots, Board member at Techstars and Xyleme, Advisor to PGV, University of Miami, Ohio. Mentor to Rise of the Rest Network

  • Andy Liu

    Andy Liu

    Writing about interesting concepts that come up regarding personal improvement and financial management. Once I find a good idea I’ll share it.

  • Liz Whitman

    Liz Whitman

  • Toni Yordanov

    Toni Yordanov

  • Scott Brennan

    Scott Brennan

  • Micah Schuler

    Micah Schuler

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